Clinical Data Warehouses: their design, their use and their potential privacy implications

Author: John W. Riggs

Primary Advisor: James P. Turley, PhD, RN (co-author)

Committee Members:

Masters thesis, The University of Texas Health Science Center School of Allied Health Sciences at Houston

A data warehouse or data mart is a copy of data from transactional databases that has been restructured as a subject-oriented, analytical data repository. It is designed so that its users can recognize the information they want and access that information using simple tools. It empowers the user community with the information they need to remain effective and competitive and is best understood as the process of turning data into information. Furthermore the importance of health data privacy and security is becoming more apparent to members of the medical research community since the passage of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This manuscript will review the processes of design, implementation and use of health care data warehouses with emphasis on the subject of clinical data warehousing for outcomes research and analysis and the potential impact of privacy regulations on clinical database design.